What is the DevOps technique?

The Devops technique is a set of practices used by technology companies. This method is useful for the large-scale distribution of services and applications. In concrete terms, it represents a combination of philosophies, practices and cultural tools that allow companies to increase their production capacity, increase their level of competitiveness and attract many more customers. Compared to the traditional methods that some companies still use, the use of the Devops technique gives better results. Discover in detail a revolutionary way of working for engineering teams.


The Devops technique breaks down the existing wall between development and operations engineering teams. These teams are merged into a single team. The engineers working with this technique are responsible for setting up the Devops environment, which goes through several stages before it can be used. These are the phases of software creation, software Devops testing to ensure that the quality of the developed product is excellent, and finally the deployment of the resulting software on the market. Teams in charge of quality assurance and security oversee the development of the manufacturing operations until the final implementation of the software. Through this form of teamwork, these engineering teams are able to transform archaic traditional methods into automated ones. With the help of tools, they manage to implement the application faster and make it more reliable for the users. On all4test.com you will find interesting information on how to understand this technique.


With the advent of automated methods and the Internet, many industries have been affected, including the commercial, entertainment and financial sectors. Today, software is no longer just a computer program for businesses, which can be dispensed with at any time. They are also an integral part of the essential elements for the smooth running of a business. Thanks to this software, entrepreneurs can now communicate more easily with their customers at any time. The use of this software also allows businesses to increase their operational efficiency. In addition, the advent of software has also allowed companies that specialize in the sale and management of physical goods to change the way they design, create and deliver their products. This is the advantage of Devops, which enables the creation and deployment of online products and services by bringing together teams responsible for making those products work.


The use of the Devops technique implies a change in philosophy and mindset. It clearly involves the merging of two separate teams, a development team and an operations team, into one. But in some companies, the way of working is different. The goal is to create effective communication between the teams. The teams work in the same environment, without distinction between them. The professionals working in this environment perform tasks on behalf of the same team. The goal is to optimize productivity in order to increase customer satisfaction. This technique makes it possible to add other teams to a group of professionals without slowing down the work. The teams work in synergy while improving the quality of the services offered. Problems will be solved quickly without having to call on other teams.


There are several practices to automate and streamline the software development and infrastructure management processes in the Devops environment. One of these practices is to regularly update systems. Here, ideally, it should be done in small waves. These innovations are very beneficial to companies because they allow them to bring more satisfaction to their customers, and to retain new ones. Another advantage of small wave update systems is that they greatly reduce the risks that can arise from software deployment. This makes the work of engineering teams more efficient. In the event of a bug, teams will be able to easily detect the deployment that is causing the problem. Despite the ability to update at an incremental pace, companies using traditional software development practices do not regularly update their software. In order to give applications greater flexibility for faster innovation, companies can use several services. The role of these services is to reduce large, complex systems into simple, independent projects. Applications are also subdivided into several individual services that are operated separately from the central application. Each of these services has a specific function attached to it. This system architecture allows for a considerable reduction in the expenses generated by application updates. Moreover, thanks to the automation of these services, the company can progress very quickly. However, combining these services with a high number of releases is likely to result in an increase in the number of deployments, which can lead to operational problems. To avoid this, the integration and delivery methods developed in the Devops technique should be used. These methods also allow companies to ensure fast and reliable delivery.
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