Strategic and operational marketing: what do they mean?

The marketing approach contains two components that address the concerns of studying, analyzing and acting. There are two types of marketing. Strategic marketing is the study and analysis component. Operational marketing is the action component.

What is Strategic Marketing?

Strategic marketing constitutes the reflection stage. It consists of all the methods to be used to reach the defined objective. It gathers all the decisions and orientations related to the marketing strategy. In addition, it can determine marketing objectives to ensure the development of the company based on the results of analysis and studies. In order to optimize strategic marketing, there are three important steps such as the phase of studying the internal and external environment leading to a diagnosis, the phase of determining the marketing strategy and objectives leading to a targeting, and the phase of determining the operational methods to be used to promote the business.

What is Operational Marketing?

As far as operational marketing is concerned, it is the attribute of strategic marketing. It allows to concretize the objectives determined by the strategic marketing with the help of different means like emailing, social networks, websites, advertising and communication. It aims to put into practice the decisions related to the marketing strategy. This is the action stage of marketing. It brings together all the marketing methods used in the short / medium term and giving the possibility to achieve the objectives determined in the strategic marketing phase. These techniques allow the use of efficiency and performance indicators to follow up on customer loyalty, awareness and conquest actions. And they give the possibility to deploy these actions on the basis of an annual action plan.

What is the difference between operational marketing and strategic marketing?

Strategic marketing aims to determine the company's mission. It aims at defining its strategic decisions and orientations. It allows to optimize the elaboration of the development strategy directing the company towards economic opportunities which are adapted to its competences and its resources. This phase of reflection is divided into 3 categories: segmentation, targeting and positioning. As for operational marketing, it gathers all the means to implement the decisions resulting from strategic marketing. This is the action phase to reach the priority objective of achieving an optimized and efficient sales organization.
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